Fred Edwards

Freemasonry has fundamentally changed the way I approach the world. I didn’t know much about it before joining, beyond that a significant number of prominent people throughout history have been Masons, but I had been involved in Greek life as well as numerous clubs and organizations. After joining, I immediately found a place to belong within the craft.

Freemasonry has provided two features that have been crucial to my development as a man. First, I have found a unique camaraderie within the four walls of the lodge. Not only am I surrounded by individuals more experienced and wiser than myself that I can learn from, but I have also made some of the best friendships of my life through Freemasonry.

Second, we use ancient tools, symbols, metaphors, and allegories to better understand the world and improve ourselves in it. We are always striving to be better than we were the day before, and similarly to going to Church, being involved in Freemasonry helps to keep a person on a virtuous and moral path.

The lessons I have learned through Freemasonry are invaluable and have helped me to be a better person in my personal and professional lives. With such emphasis on being the best person you can be, it is no wonder that many prominent figures in history have turned out to be Masons!

Fred Edwards, joined the Patriot Lodge and went on to get his Law Degree at American University. He practices real estate in Fredericksburg, VA.