Who We Are

As Mason’s Masons, we are part of the GMU community as well as the worldwide fraternity of freemasonry. As an academic lodge, we share involvement in a kind of knowledge that each of us can use to become a better man. We apply the time-honored tools of freemasonry – symbols we inherited from the operative masons whose stonework built the great cathedrals of Europe, which we use now to shape character.


Meet Our Brothers

Ben Merola

I was a bit nervous walking in my first time, but that went away a bit once I met the members of the lodge…

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Fred Edwards

Freemasonry has fundamentally changed the way I approach the world. I didn’t know much…

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Guy Barnes

When I think about who I surround myself with, I imagine being on a ship in the middle of sea…

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Nick Slusher

I have been told stories by my father about the virtues Masons exhibit.  I was told about my grandfather, who had friends all over the world…

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Not Just A Man