Ben Merola

I was a freshman when I first came to Patriot lodge, I didn’t know what to expect. To my knowledge, no one in my family was a freemason before me, and I was in the dark on what I “should” do. I was making my own way. Understandably, I was a bit nervous walking in my first time, but that went away a bit once I met the members of the lodge. Guys with a sense of humor, kind hearts, and good moral compasses were who greeted me at the door. The bond they had was apparent in the way they talked and related to each other. My initial curiosity for the lodge was sparked by intentions of self-improvement, service, finding a community I wanted to be a part of, and discovering the mysteries and secrets that Freemasonry held.

I had no idea the world of wonder this really was and how great it was going to be. Just like anything, I’ve found you have to put in work, but the rewards have really been timeless jewels for me, in all areas of my life. If you’re reading this and thinking about joining, Freemasonry at Patriot entails: lodge work, socializing and community, individual work, community service, and actually bettering yourself instead of meandering your way through college, while also being loads of fun. 

Ben Merola is a GMU junior, pursuing a business degree with a specialty in marketing.He is an officer of the lodge.