JP Benitez

It has been one of the greatest prides in my life to have discovered and been a part of The Patriot Lodge No. 1957 while being an undergrad at George Mason University. I got the opportunity to be acquainted with many friends and mentors. I am appreciative and grateful for being received into the Craft and having strangers turned brothers aid me in chiseling away at some of my imperfections. For me, The Patriot Lodge has been filled by an excellent atmosphere and band of individuals who have participated in shaping the man that I have become. Although it is a small lodge, compared to the vast history and tradition of Masonry in Virginia and the world at large, it has produced a significant impression on my life.

The Patriot Lodge has a great ambition of bringing light to a youthful generation. Although this undertaking can at times be challenging, with the zealous brothers, they continue to accomplish the Lodge’s aim of bringing about wonderful things to the community we committed ourselves to, that being George Mason University, and to our Masonic locality. I do not believe there is any way to fully express my gratitude to the Lodge and its members for everything it has done for me personally and masonicly;, however, I try by continuously being the embodiment of the great principles I was entrusted to receive.   

JP Benitez joined the Patriot Lodge and soon rose to be Master of the Lodge. He went on to study at Brooklyn Law School in New York City.